Asian Massage in SLC

Asian Massage Salt Lake City, UT

If you want to experience one of the best kinds of massage in Salt Lake City, you might want to try Asian massage. Asian massage Salt Lake City, UT will surely make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and pampered. So, make sure that you look for spas and massage studios that provide and specialize in Asian massage. This way, you will surely experience the true comfort that this kind of massage provides.

Massage Spas that Offer Asian Massage

Here is a list of some of the best massage spas that offer Asian massage in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Thai Touch Therapy

As the name suggests, this massage spa specializes in Thai massage, one of the best and most popular Asian massages. This spa also offers aromatherapy and reiki. So, if you want to try a variety of massages, you can visit this spa and try them there.

The spa is open from 10am to 9pm so you will have a lot of time to be pampered after office hours. This is quite beneficial because employees who are tired from a hard day of work can go to this massage spa and have their tired muscles kneaded and soothed.

  • Asian Massage Therapy

The name of the massage studio also reveals everything about the spa. They offer the Asian massage, which is quite soothing and revitalizing. They also offer other kinds of massage techniques that you will find relaxing.

You can call their spa to set an appointment or to ask about their services.

  • ThaiAmericanMassage

This massage studio offers a lot of kinds of massages aside from Asian massage so you will have a lot of choices. The place is Asian inspired; thus, you will enjoy a very Asian massage experience when you go to their spa.

You can contact them through phone to set an appointment or you can just go to the place as a walk-in customer. But, it is best to call ahead so that they can accommodate you better and you can get to choose the therapist that you want.

 Looking for an Asian Massage Spa

When looking for an Asian massage spa, don’t just go for the name. Though the name of the spa tells the kind of services that they provide, you should also make sure that they provide the kind of Asian massage that you want. You can do this by phoning the establishment or by asking current or former clients about their services.

  • Look at the List of Services

You might want to take a look at the list of services that a massage spa is providing so that you will know if they have extensive knowledge about Asian massage or Asian culture. Most massage studios that are familiar with Asian techniques also offer other kinds of services that are Asian inspired so take note of those.

  • Feel the Ambiance

Aside from the services, you should also take note of the ambiance of the place. You can feel the Asian massage more if the place is decorated with Asian-inspired artwork or furniture. Also, take note of the essential oils that they use to make sure that they are Asian inspired for a more natural feel.


Massage Spas that Offer Asian Massage in Salt Lake City, UT

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